Why Choose New Future IT?

New Future IT are a fantastic choice for all of your IT service needs. We have a qualified, friendly and highly experienced team that is ready to assist you in providing support for all aspects of business IT and tackling any IT situations. To assist with this we have a large range of both hardware and software, suited for businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Along with all of that, the money that you invest in your own IT with New Future IT goes so much further than just your own business. When you come on board with us you know that you’re also supporting Indigenous opportunity and paving the way for young Indigenous people to get a start in the IT industry.

Our services include IT support, IT procurement, network services, cloud services and security. You can read about them in more detail below or just get in touch with us.

  • Our services


We all need a bit of help sometimes, and with great support from New Future IT you can feel confident that if you have a problem to solve or an issue to deal with, our team can help you to keep things running smoothly. We offer different support options for all areas of IT, so whether you’re trying to plan something or you’ve just got some troubleshooting to do, you know that New Future IT has got it sorted.

Dedicated Helpdesk

A Help Desk means always having someone you can call when you have an IT problem you need to solve, and the New Future IT is here to be your single point of contact. As well as providing self-help options for common issues, our dedicated help desk service means there will always be a friendly staff member on call to assist and direct your query.

Server Support

Whether your servers are offsite, onsite or web-based, New Future IT can help you in deciding on which servers suit your business as well as to build them, install them, and maintain them.

Project Support

Organising the design, planning and implementation of IT projects for your business can be costly and complex when you try to do it in house. New Future IT works on a project basis to smooth the way, and can assist with networking, cloud computing, unified communications, storage, disaster recovery, virtualisation and more.

  • Support services

IT Procurement

Make IT Procurement simple with guidance and assistance from the IT experts at New Future IT. We can help you procure hardware and software for all your needs, whether that is organising computer equipment for employees or an extensive revamp of your technology. With New Future IT you can be confident you’re getting the best technology delivered at the right time and for the best price.

Hardware & Software Procurement

Bring the experts in to your IT hardware and software procurement process and get it done faster and with less complications. The New Future IT team can help you analyse your needs and provide the infrastructure and hardware that best suits your company.


Network Services

It doesn’t matter if you need to set up VPNs for remote work sites, implement secure networks for your employees, maintain current networks or problem solve everyday network issues, New Future IT can assist in all your networking needs.

Network Consulting & Design

Our team have the expertise you need to conceptualise, design, tailor, implement and support IT networks that are highly effective and perfect for your business model.

Network Installation & Maintenance

Working from the ground up, New Future IT can offer a complete network installation service as well as ongoing support for any business projects in progress or planned for the future.

  • Cloud Services

Cloud Services

The market for cloud services is always increasing, but not all services offer the same benefit for businesses, or the same value. Our experienced team can help you arrange the perfect blend of cloud-based services and on-site infrastructure to suit your unique business.

Whatever your goal, the New Future IT team can help you to discover the cloud services that will help your business flourish. Whether that goal is attaining compliance, revamping your IT environment in creative ways or implementing the necessary supports for a remote workforce, our team can help to make it happen.

We are also able to assist in migrating existing services into a cloud-based model at a speed that suits you, bringing to the table years of proven experience in making this process as efficient and simple as possible.

Microsoft 365

Bring your documents and emails into the future with a migration to cloud-based Microsoft 365. Our team manages the entire process working with your business to safely migrate all files from on-site environments to an updated, secure and efficient Office 365.

Cloud Consulting

There is so much potential in the cloud that the New Future IT team can help you to explore. Our IT consultants can connect with businesses and offer cloud consulting in Darwin, where they analyse your business requirements and pair it with currently available technologies, taking into account future growth and expansion, as well as the migration of your existing services to an online space.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid cloud can be a great choice for businesses, but it requires in-depth evaluation and planning prior to starting to ensure no complications arise. The New Future IT team can guide you through this process, working with your business to make the move to hybrid cloud as seamless as possible.

  • Security Services


Cyber-attacks are an increasingly common threat to modern businesses that can have far-reaching impacts, which has made it more important than ever to ensure your IT services are high quality and security conscious. In an IT landscape that contains so many risks, and with a growing number of businesses dealing with the IT logistics of a mobile employee pool, businesses need someone they can trust to take care of these security concerns.

Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection software is essential in securing your data within network servers and endpoint devices, and the New Future IT team can work with your business to manage the installation and maintenance of this software.

Network Security

New Future IT pride themselves on being able to offer some of the best network security services available in Australia, and we have experience in designing, putting into practice and maintaining network security for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Mobile Device Management

Many organisations deal with business-owned smart devices such as phones or tablets, and New Future IT can help in maintaining the security of your business through our mobile device management service.

Data Security/Backup

Data backups and data protection services are available through New Future IT’s security service offerings, guaranteeing all of your data is safely backed up and secured so you can access it when you need it.

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